USB Device Charger

mintyboostThis was a nice, simple project that is also very useful. Called the Minty Boost, as soon as I first read about this device I wanted to build one. Basically it transforms the 3 Volts from 2-AA batteries into 5 Volts and has a USB connector to attach the device you wish to charge (IPod, Sansa, cell phone, etc.); the bonus is that it all fits inside a Altoids Gum tin. You can build this from scratch, but some of the parts are somewhat uncommon and the printed circuit board is made to fit inside the tin so I just bought the kit (full kits are $19.50, PCBs are $5). It is a very simple kit to build and takes only about 30 minutes to complete. Then you just stick it in an Altoids Gum tin and you’re done. Now I can charge my Sandisk Sansa’s battery even if I don’t have a computer or an outlet around.

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