2 Meter J-Pole Antenna v2

2+Meter+J-Pole+Dimensions2+Meter+J-PoleI recently purchased a house and decided to build another J-Pole for use as the 2 Meter antenna for my new station. My old one is still mounted on my parent’s house and in good shape after several years of exposure to the elements. My old design’s performance was fairly good, but for this new build I decided to tweak the dimensions somewhat (with the help of my MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer) to get the SWR as low as possible across the whole 2 Meter band. By adjusting the feed point and lengthening the driven element I was able to get the following results:

2+Meter+J-Pole+FeedpointFrequency      SWR
144MHz          1.8
145MHz          1.6
146MHz          1.4
147MHz          1.3
148MHz          1.5

J-PoleI really like the design of this antenna due to its simple and cheap construction, ideal feedpoint placement for low stress on the coax, and the fact that the whole antenna can be easily grounded since at DC it is essentially a short circuit.

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