mcHF Update – New Knobs, Bootloader & Firmware

After using the mcHF for a few months I decided to look for some new knobs since the smaller ones included with the case I purchased aren’t ideal. I found some on Mouser that come in various colors and are designed to work with the “D” shaped shafts of the mcHF’s encoders. They have a nice soft rubber feel and the colors help to differentiate which knob is which. Each knob cost under $1, so this was a very economical upgrade.

Recently Andreas DF8OE, who is the main developer for the mcHF, released version 2.0 of the mcHF bootloader. The updated bootloader allows the use of the larger USB Type A port for firmware upgrades using only a USB Flash Drive. This eliminates the need for the proprietary software that was required to update the firmware in the past and solidifies the open source development of the mcHF going forward.

Andreas also released version 1.2 of the firmware for the mcHF. The new firmware has a number of feature improvements and bug fixes including better spectrum display performance and system responsiveness overall. Other future upgrades are in the works and I look forward to what the new features will bring.

2 thoughts on “mcHF Update – New Knobs, Bootloader & Firmware”

  1. Good day;

    What firmware can be loaded into a version .4 mcHF?

    If not the current versions (v. 2.9.14, as an example), where can one find an older firmware version that will “fit” into a version .4 mcHF radio?

    Thank you; Mike, K0JTA

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